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Since time is of the essence when a child may be in danger, the Anywhere ID is specifically designed to quickly assist you and law enforcement authorities, in the event your child becomes lost, missing or involved in a disaster. You never lose it, and each year you buy one, your Anywhere IDs are archived in your profile for you to see the progression of your child’s vital statistics.

If you have purchased an Anywhere ID for your child, provide the information above, which will allow you access to a digital copy of your child’s ID packet, along with resources and contact information you will need. And remember to collect your child’s DNA with the Home DNA Kit that came with your purchase.

Access to your child’s Anywhere ID is good for 24 hours through your parent access code. After that, you will need to go through the same process again to gain access. This is an extra security measure we take to protect your child’s information.
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